We are deeply committed to working with those who are experiencing challenges as an individual, or as a couple.  We combine effective counseling methods; Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Pyscho-Educaiton, and/or coaching, with Biblical principles while working with those who ar edealing with the loss of a loved on, struggling with depression, andxiety, anger, relationship issues, and crisis of faith.

Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching is built on professionally trained, practical, careful and compassionate counseling. Each person counseled is recognized as a special individual whether seen alone or in a relationship.

Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching is focused on Jesus Christ, and how people can have a personal relationship with Him.  Knowing Jesus Christ is the beginning of experiencing true hope, meaning in life and the power to change and grow.

     With CHRIST at the center of change there is HOPE!