We offer help to individuals, families, couples and to you. If you are going through difficulty individually, in a relationship or in life in general, God’s Word provides strength and guidance.  It  helps people experience fulfillment and blessings.

Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching is built on professionally trained, practical, careful and compassionate counseling. Each person counseled is recognized as a special individual whether seen alone or in a relationship.

Eternal Hope Christian Counseling and Coaching is focused on Jesus Christ, and how people can have a personal relationship with Him.  Knowing Jesus Christ is the beginning of experiencing true hope, meaning in life and the power to change and grow.

Biblical principles instruct marriages toward restoration when the trust has been broken.  God’s Word offers comfort in grief and sorrow and guides in the decisions of life.  The Bible teaches us how to experience forgiveness from God and how to forgive others.

The Bible provides principles that enable people to experience loving marriage, stronger family relationships, freedom from anxiety and fear, victory over addictions, and other significant goals.  It helps people find strength and peace in the times of struggles and storms in life.

Biblical truth teaches God’s love, grace, mercy and relationship with us.  It shows how we can have real purpose and direction in life.  It also teaches that each person is of great value because we are uniquely created by God.  The Lord has a wonderful plan for each person’s life.