How to Benefit from Counseling

How to Benefit from Counseling

  1. Be honest with the counselor.
  2. Be present during the session. We recognize that your life is full of academic and social commitments; therapy can be a time to reconnect with yourself away from the distractions of social media and texts or the stresses of studying.
  3. Be honest with yourself. Try hard.  Don’t sabotage counseling because your confidence is at low ebb.
  4. Identify your goal.
  5. Do the activities at home that your counselor asks you to do.
  6. Your counselor is a guide who will help you develop solutions that work to promote love, work and faith.
  7. Stick with it. Sometimes talking about what you’re experiencing can lead to more      intense feelings and you may feel worse; however, continuing to talk with a            provider about your concerns will often alleviate your symptoms over time.

Author: eternalhopecc

As a Christian Counselor and Coach I believe deeply in the goodness, dignity and resiliency of the human spirit. I consider it an honor to walk along individuals through both grief and joy, brokenness and times of healing. I believe that knowledge is power and the with Christ at the center of change there is HOPE.

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